Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a Contractor

Never have a contractor “represent” you with your insurance company

A lot of contractors (in an effort to secure the job) will tell the homeowner that they know exactly how to repair the damage, so they will talk to the insurance company for you.

This may sound like a good thing; however the contractor has no negotiating power with the insurance adjuster. This sadly often results in the homeowner getting a lower settlement than what you could have gotten if you had qualified representation like a licensed public adjuster.

This practice has been increasing in recent years, largely due to insurance company adjusters not complaining about it since it makes their job easier dealing with someone (the contractor) who has to take whatever settlement is offered.

Remember, that the contractor’s expertise is in the building industry, not in the insurance industry.

Licensed public adjusters expertise is in policy provisions, stipulations, endorsements, inventory appraisals and negotiating with insurance companies adjusters. Our licensed public adjusters at Home Damage Adjustment do all of these things everyday to get the policyholder the maximum settlement you are rightfully owed.

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