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Home Damage Adjustment is one of the fastest growing companies in a billion-dollar industry. HDA is a licensed public insurance company. Our job is to help property owners get the maximum settlement that is rightfully owed to them when they have a property damage loss. Our expertise is in putting an accurate dollar value on a loss and fighting hard for our clients with the insurance companies. We are insurance claim experts and our team has helped thousands of homeowners using our years of experience with insurance policy terms, coverage and our experience in the building industry.

Home Damage Adjustment, was established because we wanted to make a difference and help thousands of other homeowners avoid becoming a victim in the insurance adjusting process. We are a team of insurance claim experts who specialize in advocating for homeowners and getting them the maximum settlement with their insurance claims.

The public adjusting industry has been in an existence for over 100 years, but very little people know about it and the insurance company likes it that way. Why? Because when a property owner has professional representation they get almost 60% more in everyday settlements as opposed if they tried to settle the claim on their own without representation. Source (OPPAGA) an office of the Florida Legislature March 2008.

In the state of Pennsylvania 75% of all the public adjusters are in one county (Bucks County) and there are 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania that we have targeted for expansion. We are currently licensed and operating in multiple states with many more targeted in our 2018 and 2019 expansion plans.

The industry was designed out of a need to help people. There is nothing more gratifying then working in an industry where you can earn a high income by helping others. When we represent a client, we take the enormous burden of dealing with an insurance company out of their hands. This saves them time and puts thousands of dollars in their pockets from damage that they were entitled to. Our clients love working with us because we handle everything for them from start to finish. Our team has over two decades of experience in negotiating with insurance companies.

Home Damage Adjustment is made up of professionals who are experts in the field of:

  • Property inspections
  • Property damage estimates
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Presenting damages
  • Handling claims effectively and efficiently

Our property inspector team focuses their efforts on meeting with property owners. While our property inspectors are meeting with the property owners they are getting incredible on the job training learning the foundation of the business. This will help them enormously when they move up and learn how to estimate and adjust properties if desired.

In addition to world class training other benefits include: Making a measurable difference in your community by helping property owners. The ability to set and create your own schedule. Being part of an award-winning company culture that is dynamic, driven, and positive. Working in a unique and stable income model that allows our property inspectors to earn as much or as little as they want with rapid advancement opportunities.

If you’re male or female who likes helping people, then we would like to talk to you. The ideal candidate should be entrepreneurial minded and have good interpersonal skills. Although there is tremendous amount to this opportunity, including personal freedom and life flexibility this position is not for everyone and does require commitment and diligence. However, for those who are a fit with Home Damage Adjustment the lifestyle and financial opportunity easily outweigh the challenges.

Benefits of Home Damage Adjustment:

  • High profit opportunity
  • Home-based business
  • Turn key foundation

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