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Water Flood Damage

Understanding Water Damage Claims

Determining if you qualify for a water damage claim can be a bit tricky. The most common mistake people make is to dismiss the idea of a legitimate claim for whatever reason they could think of: some would tell themselves that it’s just a “small” problem, others would think their specific case is not covered by their insurance policy – and a few would proceed right away with the repair process because they have no clue on what the next step should be.

This is kind of sad because these people don’t know that most of the time their insurance policy would have covered the damage they suffered. However, the good news is that there are water damage claim adjusters who can help them – and lead them to a successful settlement.

Home Damage Adjustment Is On Your Side

Our water damage public adjusters at Home Damage Adjustment, have the experience to help people like you get the maximum insurance amount that you are entitled too. We work with the insurance company’s adjusters daily, so we know how they operate and are able to see when they are not offering our client what they deserve. Yes, we are dedicated and extremely determined on getting you a fair and prompt settlement. Our major focus has always been to help our clients get compensated justly and quickly for the water damage they suffered.

Before anything else, here are some useful tips:

No.1 – Mitigate the water damage: make sure to shut off the water and remove any other property or belongings to prevent further damage. .

No.2 – Call Home Damage Adjustment, so one of our helpful water damage public adjusters can come out to assess the damage – and do not assume the damage is minor.

No.3 – Take photos (and videos if possible), and note down any obvious damage to structure, property and any other belongings.

Another valuable tip is do not report the damage to your insurance company before we are able to scope and estimate the true amount of money your are entitled to receive to repair the damage.

A few DON’Ts to keep in mind: Never attempt to repair the damage until both your water damage public adjuster and the insurance adjuster have inspected and taken photos of the damages. Never sign any agreement or contract at this stage – we will be the ones to advise you so you make the right decisions. Also, we will recommend reputable restoration firms who will look after your best interest.

How our water damage claim adjusters can help you

Our professionals at Home Damage Adjustment, will assess your particular situation and thoroughly inspect your site – checking both the damages and the possible root causes. We will also help ensure that no more further damage will be incurred, like mold and corrosion.

Our water damage public adjusters use specialized, modern technology to correctly diagnose the full extent of the water damage ­ Everything we do will be with the intention to represent you competently and help increase your chances of getting the maximum settlement you are entitled too.

What does your insurance policy cover?

If the cause of your loss was ‘sudden and accidental’ then most insurance policies cover this. So water damage from sink/tub overflow, broken pipes, overflowing shower, burst pipes, hot water heater leaks, ceiling leak, etc. are included. However, insurance companies are very good at presenting reasons why your water damage is not covered under the policy. In most cases, unless you are a water damage claim adjuster it is very difficult to present a case on why your damage is covered and why
you should get a maximum settlement.

Our water damage public adjusters at Home Damage Adjustment, will fight for you at every step during the claim process. We will negotiate firmly with the insurance adjusters to get the best result for you, and avoid any misinterpretation of your policy – thereby increasing the likelihood of a maximum settlement you are entitled too.

Get in touch with a water damage public adjusters for a free property inspection. Our professionals at Home Damage Adjustment, will be happy to come out to your property and assess your damages. Remember, no damage is too small for us to come out and give you peace of mind. If it’s not covered, no worries we established a positive relationship for the future.