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Roof Damage

Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Having a roof damage claim usually gives headaches to many policyholders. The reason? Because roof damage can be extremely difficult to accurately assess: in one scenario, the insurance adjuster may mistakenly attribute storm­ related damages to routine wear and tear; in another scenario, the insurance adjuster may fail to find major roof damage due to a sloppy investigation of the roof damage. In both cases, the policyholder comes out in the losing end.

We don’t want that to ever happen to you – or to anyone else with a roof damage claim. Our professionals at Home Damage Adjustment will never allow policyholders to find themselves in such an unfortunate situation. Our experienced team of roof damage public adjusters will use their expertise to correctly document, gather evidence and substantiate your roof damage claim – all with winning you a fair, maximum settlement in mind.

Understanding  Roof  Damage Claims

If you find yourself confused, unsure of the validity of your claim (maybe perhaps,you are concerned about the age and condition of your roof playing a part in the legitimacy of your claim) – don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. Home Damage Adjustment is committed to help you, guide you and lead you every step of the way. We don’t leave anything to chance when working on behalf of our clients. We
take our role seriously because we understand how devastating roof damage can be to a property and usually leads to additional damage that goes unseen.

Emergency tips when faced with roof damage:


  • Contact Home Damage Adjustment, so our team can come out and stop the leak with a competent emergency service company
  • Move everything out from beneath the leak; move electronic products not only out from directly underneath the leak, but also away from any splashing.
  • Place a catching tray or bucket underneath the leak to collect water
  • Make a list of all items damaged (take pictures or videos if safe and possible)


  • Don’t fix the leak yourself. Warning: you can actually do more damage in the process.
  • Don’t assume the damage is minor
  • Do not report the damage to your insurance company before we are able to estimate and scope the true amount of money you are entitled to receive to repair the claim.
  • Don’t climb on top of the roof to locate the leak (Especially during severe weather conditions).
  • Don’t sign any contract from any firm offering their “repair” services
  • Don’t assume that you don’t have a roof damage claim. (We can guide you to determine this correctly)

How our roof damage public adjusters can help

Our roof damage public adjusters will make sure to carefully check and assess your entire roof – every area investigated. We examine your roof with the objective of properly assessing the damage and the possibility of a valid insurance claim to get you the maximum settlement.

Home Damage Adjustment, has only one purpose in mind: get you a fair maximum settlement quickly. We do everything in our power to get your claim moving forward – and processed as fast as possible. And that’s where the extensive training of our roof damage claim adjusters becomes particularly useful. They are well­ equipped to carry out inspections of your roof damage, and do a complete evaluation that is critical to your insurance claim process – including the detection of the not­ so ­obvious damages that are often easily overlooked by an untrained eye.

So contact us today to start your recovery process – don’t delay any longer. Remember, no amount of damage is too small for us to come out and give you a free home inspection. Especially if you think it’s not worth it because of your deductible amount. Let one of our roof damage claim adjusters make that decision if appropriate.