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Pipe Leak Claims

Understanding Pipe Leak Claims

It’s not uncommon for policyholders to share stories of how insurance company adjusters overlooked damages from their plumbing leak claims. This is bad news for property owners – something you should be on the lookout for when you have a plumbing leak. For example, in some states some insurance companies are lobbying the insurance regulators for policy language to be written so that if the water loss is
over 14 days old the whole loss is not covered. This would be devastating for the property owner with a vacation home they only go to part of the year. This is just one example of how insurance companies look to protect their shareholders not their policyholders.

The reality is that there is lot to know when you suffered a loss from a plumbing leak . Unfortunately, most homeowners have no idea what they should do or say to their insurance company when they have a plumbing leak. Did you know, that calling your insurance company up and saying the wrong words on the phone can get your claim denied even though it was a covered loss? This lack of knowledge causes millions of dollars in unpaid settlements from plumbing leaks each year to deserving homeowners.

Important tips for Pipe Leak Claims

  • Contact Home Damage Adjustment and ask for one of our licensed public insurance adjusters before you call you insurance company.
  • Make sure you’ve shut off the water supply immediately so there will be no more further damage to your property. Insurance companies state this in their policy and can deny your claim if you don’t comply.
  • In plumbing leak claims, keep the broken pipe just in case the insurance company would want to inspect it.
  • Ask our licensed public insurance adjuster for some reputable remediation companies that are highly experienced in drying out the walls as well as the internal cavities. This prevents the development of mold and mitigates further damage.
  • Take photos or video of the damage. You should also start a itemized list of everything that the water has touched. Sometimes water damage is not initially apparent to the untrained eye. All this will be crucial when negotiating a fair and maximum settlement for your plumbing leak claim.

Extensively Trained in Pipe Leak Claims

Home Damage Adjustment has only one purpose in mind: Get you a the maximum settlement you are entitled too. We do everything in our power to get your claim moving forward – and processed as fast as possible. And that’s where the extensive training of our licensed public insurance adjusters becomes obvious. They are well­ equipped to carry out inspections of your damage, and do a complete evaluation that is critical to your insurance claim process – including the detection of the not ­so ­obvious damages that are often easily overlooked by an untrained eye.

Do not be victimized in the insurance adjustment process. Have our team of experienced professionals at Home Damage Adjustment working on your side to get you covered for your plumbing leak claim. We believe you will soon become one of our many clients who love to refer us to others. In fact, many of our clients have recommended us to their family and friend because of our integrity, winning attitude and overall experience with our team.

Remember, no amount of damage is too small for us to come out and give you a free home inspection. Especially if you think it’s not worth it because of your deductible amount. Let one of our experienced licensed public insurance adjusters help you with that decision.