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Wind Storm & Hurricane Damage

Hurricane and Wind Damage Claims

Filing hurricane and wind damage claims can get a bit complicated.

Many claims in the past may have been denied because damages were not attributed to windstorms, but to other causes such as storm surges or overflowing rivers. The primary reason is that the home owner’s policy that do cover windstorm normally exclude the peril of flood. And, the flood policies cover flood, but not the peril of windstorm.

So when a hurricane or a severe storm damages properties the windstorm carriers and flood carriers point fingers at each other and leave the policyholders caught in the middle with no settlement.

Thus, the importance of being able to differentiate which peril caused what damage. Unfortunately, insurance policies are complex and policy holders may not always understand their policy’s language, benefits and obligations.

That’s where our licensed public adjusters at Home Damage Adjustment come into the picture.

  • We can clarify anything about hurricane and wind damage claims that confuses you.
  • We will point out in clear terms what exactly is needed to reach a successful settlement.
  • We will document your damages, determine the value of your damages and streamline your claim with your insurance carrier.
  • Whether we are assessing your catastrophic or just minor damages, our licensed public adjusters have the knowledge and skills to help recover the full amount you are owed.
  • Remember that not all damage may be apparent or visible at first. Our team of experts will take great care when inspecting all aspects of the hurricane and wind damage before writing their estimate, so you can get the maximum settlement needed to fix your property.

Home Damage Adjustment — We’re Here to Make Your Life Easier

Whether it’s your business property or your home that has suffered damages going through all the process of making a claim isn’t easy. In fact, hurricane and wind damage claims are known to be excruciatingly taxing on policyholders and insurance companies. But insurance companies have an unfair advantage over you – – they have a team of specialists who will work on their behalf, looking after their interests.

  • But who looks after your interest?
  • Who will professionally represent you?
  • Who will be fighting on your behalf, so you get the maximum settlement you rightfully deserve?

Home Damage Adjustment will guide you through every phase of the insurance claim process to ensure that your hurricane and wind damage claim is processed in a timely manner and paid in full.

  • We will help you with the relocation of your family during the restoration process if necessary.
  • Our preferred restoration services will assist you with the repair and restoration of your damaged property if needed.

Our licensed public adjusters will  do all this for you, so you can focus on getting your life back to normal with you family.

Hurricane and Wind Damage Claims – Some Useful Tips:

  • Do what you can to mitigate damage but only when it is safe to do so.
  • Take pictures, videos of your damaged property and belongings (you’ll need to gather as much evidence as you can for your documentation later on).
  • Make a list of all damages incurred.
  • Do NOT have anyone dispose of any items or try to restore any damaged items– insurance company adjusters will need to inspect the damage.
  • Make sure to consult one of our licensed public adjusters BEFORE you contact your insurance company. You can jeopardize your claim by saying the wrong thing over the phone.
  • NEVER sign any contract from general contractors or restoration firms before speaking with one of our license public adjusters.

Get the Maximum Settlement You Deserve

Home Damage Adjustment helps you navigate the gray areas when filing your claim.
Many property owners admit how intimidating it is to interpret the fine print of their insurance policy.

One of our licensed public insurance adjusters will be assigned to your case and will explain to you in clear terms if and how you should proceed. We will work hard to get you the  maximum settlement you deserve in this complex recovery process.

Remember, no amount of damage is too small for us to come out and give you a free home inspection. Especially if you think it’s not worth it because of your deductible amount. Let one of our experienced licensed public insurance adjusters help you with that decision.

Call us today at (855) 566-9687 and we will be happy to help you with a no obligation free damage assessment.

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