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Falling or Dropped object Claims

Falling or Dropped Object Claims

Is it possible for my homeowners insurance to pay for my cracked tile or the big scratch in my hardwood floors? The answer is yes: you might be able to get your homeowner’s insurance company to either repair or replace the tile( section of hardwood floor) that is damaged or if necessary, pay for the removal and replacement of all the tiles in your home. There are a lot of factors involved in getting a successful settlement with flooring. The most important factor is having a professional that has the experience with falling or dropped object claims. In order to find out if you qualify for compensation, contact one of our experienced falling or dropped object claim public adjusters at Home Damage Adjustment.

Understanding falling or Dropped Object Claims

Unfortunately, we are all clumsy at times. Guests or family members can scratch your beautiful hardwood floors or negligently break a tile in our homes. Heavy wall mounted objects can fall and damage walls, floors and furniture. These falling or dropped object claims are legitimate and are generally able to be submitted as covered claims. But most policyholders think they have to live with the ugly damage because it was their own dumb fault. We say at Home Damage Adjusted, that in most cases, stupidity is covered under your policy.

In most states the statute is to repair or replace with matching material. If your finishes are older
it may be impossible to repair one area so that it matches. In that case you insurance company may be persuaded by Home Damage Adjustment to provide for the replacement of the entire floor, counter, patio tile,etc. that was a result of sudden or accidental damage to your property from a falling or dropped objects.

Some Do’s and Don’ts with Falling or Dropped Objects Claims


  • Do call us if you suspect you have a falling or dropped object claim
  • Do put our phone number in your contact list ­Toll Free 855­566­9687 or 855­5onyourside
  • Do document with several photographs of any damage before you repair or restore the item.


  • Do not assume the damage is minor.
  • Do not assume the damage is not covered just because your insurance company said so.
  • Do not report the damage to you insurance company before we are able to scope and estimate the correct amount of money your are entitled to receive to repair the damage.
  • Do not repair the dropped object damage before you allow us to take a look at the claim.

Get the maximum settlement you deserve for your falling and dropped object claim

One of our licensed public insurance adjuster will explain to you if and how you should proceed with your falling and dropped object damage. We will work hard to get you the maximum settlement you deserve in this complex recovery process.

Remember, no amount of damage is too small for us to come out and give you a free damage assessment. Call us today at (855) 566-9687 and we will be happy to help you.