Are Public Adjusters Worth Hiring

Are Public Adjusters Worth Hiring?

A lot of homeowners do wonder if it’s worth it to hire a public adjuster. Even though public adjusters work on a no recovery ­ no fee policy, some homeowners may think you’ll keep more money if you try to handle your homeowner’s insurance claim yourself. But, here’s a statistic that will probably change your mind:

Public adjuster representation typically resulted in larger payments to policyholders.

According to The Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, hiring a public adjuster results in an average settlement of:

  • 574% more payout on regular everyday claims and
  • 747 % increased settlement on catastrophic claims

Even with the overwhelming statistics that support public adjusters, most homeowners are not aware of this amazing industry that has existed for over 100 years.

Most states have created the profession of public adjusting to ensure the insurance industry plays fair when settling property damage claims. Attorneys and licensed public adjusters are the only parties that are allowed by law to represent another party’s interest on an insurance claim.

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