How are Public Adjusters Paid

How are Public Adjusters Paid?

When hiring a public adjuster you do not have to put up any retainer or upfront fees. Fees are not paid until the payment is collected from the insurance company.

Public adjusters work on a contingency fee basis (a percentage of the recovered settlement) and public adjusters generally charge a lot less than an attorney. The fee structure can vary depending circumstances surrounding the claim and the type of loss.

Ultimately, the fees are often considered a value as settlements can double, triple or quadruple in comparison to what your insurance company would offer you when you try to submit a claim on your own.

In a typical scenario, our homeowners end up with more money even after paying the public adjuster fee. Typically, a public adjuster’s fees range between 10% to ­40%. Home Damage Adjustment fees are very competitive with the market. Our fees are on a sliding scale based on the size of the claim, so we can charge a lower percentage on a larger loss.

Case Study: Home Damage Adjustment Helps NJ Resident Increase Settlement From $4,050 to $47,000

Let’s look at a real life example from one of our clients in Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ resident sustains roof damage to their home during a recent storm. Their insurance company offered a settlement payment of $4,050. According to their insurance company that amount was supposed to be enough for a good patch job.

Fortunately, our client in Cherry Hill, NJ had a friend who told them to call Home Damage Adjustment for a free home inspection and consultation. We reviewed the homeowner’s insurance policy to evaluate their coverage. Upon submitting all the paperwork properly their insurance company now awarded them a final settlement amount of $47,000.

Not only did calling Home Damage Adjustment help get them $42,950 more money the whole experience was a lot less headache for them than submitting the claims themselves. We saved them from having to deal with weeks and months of making time consuming follow up calls, reviewing paperwork, evaluating estimates and much more. Most homeowners experience so much stress and confusion when trying to handle their claims alone.

Today, big insurance is big business. And big business demands big profits, often at the expense of the policyholder. We stand by our property owners by helping you get the maximum settlement you are rightfully owed.

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