Filing an Insurance Claim

Use caution when you call your insurance company.

Some insurance companies train their staff to discourage a homeowner not to file a claim when calling about property damage. Here’s two common phrases that are used by some insurance companies that can serve as possible red flag warnings for you:

  • “Based on your deductible it is probably not worth it for you to file a claim.” … or
  • “You are still going to have to pay that deductible”.

Don’t be swayed to decide against filing a claim from comments like these. Because in reality they have no idea the extent of damage you have in your home and/or property. There will never be any money “out of pocket” for the deductible. The deductible will just be the first amount of money subtracted from the insurance company’s check.

For example, if the insurance company issues a check for $8,600 and the policyholder has a $1,000 deductible. The check will show up for $7,600.

As a homeowner you have been paying your insurance premiums every month for years and sometimes for decades to have your property insured for property damage; therefore, keeping the property value up.

Unfortunately, the discouraging voice on the phone is very convincing that it is not “worth it” to
file a claim. This only leaves you to have to live with the damage which in turn lowers the property value of your home or you’re stuck having to pay out of pocket (when you don’t have to) for the high cost of repairing all the damages.

There are a lot of false information out there about filing a property claim. For example:

“You can expect to lose your coverage, expect delays or problems if you hire a public adjuster.”

Absolutely not true!

If there is a delay, chances are the delay would of happen with or without professional representation. And the public adjusting profession is licensed and regulated by the Department of Insurance. As a policyholder you have the right to hire an expert on your behalf.

Canceling an insurance policy because a public adjuster was hired is a violation of State Law.

QUESTION: What have you been told in the past that has kept you from filing an insurance claim? Please share your comments and questions and we’ll confirm whether that’s fact or fiction.