When To Contact A Public Adjuster

Ceiling Water Damage

When to Contact a Public Adjuster

You should contact a public adjuster immediately after you notice damage to your house.

It is important that the insurance claim for your home damage is filled out properly; otherwise, your claim can result in a quick denial. When a claim is denied it is more difficult to handle than a properly submitted claim from a licensed public insurance adjuster.

Costly Mistakes Homeowners Make

Unfortunately, most homeowners believe small damage is not worth contacting their insurance company to file an insurance claim. When in reality, many of our clients are surprised at hidden damages and even dangerous damages that we discover behind seemingly “small” incidents that homeowners thought were “nothing” or too small to be covered.

This type of thinking causes millions of dollars in unpaid settlements to deserving homeowners each year. Don’t delay any longer. schedule a free damage assessment one of our licensed public adjusters at Home Damage Adjustment.