How Does A Public Adjusters Work

How does a public adjusters work

Home Damage Adjustments’ Process

  1. Call us to schedule your free property inspection. We educate you on if and how we can help you. (Even if you don’t see damage that doesn’t mean it’s not there)
  2. We will inspect your property for covered damages. Then we will inform you that you might be entitled to a settlement that could be thousands of dollars that is rightfully due to you.
  3. If you desire, we prepare a detailed estimate on what it will cost to fix your property and submit it to your carrier. You do nothing. We handle all communications with your insurance company.
  4. An average settlement check shows up in 30-60 days. Sometime longer depending the extent and complexity of the damage. If we get you nothing you own us nothing. No recovery, no fee!

Call us today at (855) 566-9687 and we will be happy to help you with a no obligation free damage assessment.