About The Founder Tom Cannon

About the Founder

Tom Cannon

I Used to Avoid Filing an Insurance Claim …

If you’ve been a homeowner for ten, twenty and even thirty years and you’ve have never heard of a public adjuster, you’re not alone. That was me too.

During my first twenty five years of being a homeowner no one ever told me there was such a thing as a public adjuster. So, even though I faithfully paid my homeowner’s insurance premiums year after year, I mistakenly believed it was better to save filing a claim only for those truly big damages.

In fact, over 10 years ago I called my insurance company when a tree fell into my house from a wind storm. My insurance agent discouraged me from filing a claim. They convinced me that it would not be worth it to repair a small section of my roof, so I ended up paying to repair the roof damages out of pocket. That “small” section turned out to have quite a big price tag to have it repaired properly. Since then, I have learned that thousands of other homeowners just like me end up paying for home damages when we don’t actually have to.

The Turning Point …

I was introduced to a public adjuster that wanted to come out to do a property inspection. Admittedly, I was rather skeptical and cautious in the beginning about whether it was a good thing or not to hire a public adjuster. As it turns out it was one of the best decisions I made as a homeowner was to hire a public adjuster.

In fact, I was in utter shock from the settlement check amount I received because I knew what my insurance company was previously offering- nothing . The difference between what I was initially offered from my insurance company versus the amount I received through hiring a public adjuster was huge. I never expected that a public adjuster advocating on my behalf would have so much power negotiating with “Big insurance”.

My New Mission …

For over twenty years I dealt with my insurance company directly and ended up paying far more every time I had a home damage repair for three different homes throughout that time. When I compare that to my experience and results from using a public adjuster instead – the difference is truly staggering. I was so amazed by how much the public adjusting industry can truly help people that this became my new mission.

Home Damage Adjustment, was established because I wanted to make a difference and help thousands of other homeowners like me avoid becoming a victim in the insurance adjusting process. We are a team of experienced licensed public adjusters and attorneys who specialize in advocating for homeowners and getting you the maximum settlement for your insurance claims.

There is no risk to homeowners because we work strictly on a no recovery – no fee arrangement. That means it doesn’t cost you anything to simply have one of our licensed public adjusters come out and conduct a free property inspection.

Every member of our team shares my passion for educating and helping homeowners. Together, we have helped thousands of homeowners in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area not get shafted by “Big Insurance” companies, but receive the maximum settlement you are entitled to.

Call us today at (855) 566-9687 and we will be happy to help you with a no obligation free damage assessment.