Home Damage Adjustment

Home Damage Adjustment

Home Damage Adjustment is a licensed public insurance company. Simply put, our job is to help property owners like you. Our expertise is in putting an accurate dollar value on your property and fighting hard, so you receive the maximum settlement that is rightfully owed. We work for you, only. We have zero ties with “Big Insurance” As licensed public adjusters we are insurance claim experts and our team has helped thousands of homeowners using our years of experience with insurance policy terms, coverage and our experience in the building industry.

Our team at Home Damage Adjustment includes legal and professional staff committed to providing personal assistance to every client. We were founded in a law firm and this unique experience in working with attorneys on property claims sets us apart from other public adjusting companies. With most property damage claims we handle, any dispute or problem with the insurance company

can be resolved without ever going to court. However, our unique history gives us an added advantage to get you the maximum hassle free settlement. We investigate, document, prepare, and negotiate your insurance claim while getting you the maximum settlement you are owed under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Our team knows what your insurance policy’s coverage entitles you to. As licensed public insurance adjusters we will ensure that you receive everything you are owed under your policy.

Home Damage Adjustment is a fully licensed and bonded public insurance company that serves all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We specialize in property damage, advocating for the homeowner, not the insurance company. We handle everything from a total fire loss claim to recovering loss on damage caused by a simple tipped over candle.

Call us today at (855) 566-9687 and we will be happy to help you with a no obligation free damage assessment.